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CCEWOOL insulation fiber
- The leading brand of industrial furnace high efficient energy saving solutions
- China’s earliest international brand of ceramic fiber

Company Profile:

Established in 1999, Double Egret Thermal Insulation, Co, Ltd. always regards "make furnace energy saving easier" as the corporate philosophy and contributes to making CCEWOOL into an industry leader in furnace insulation energy saving solutions. As Asia's second largest manufacturer of ceramic fiber products, DOUBLE EGRET is focusing on research of energy saving solutions in high temperature furnace application and providing full range of refractory&insulation products used in furnaces.
DOUBLE EGRET is focusing on research, producing and selling of products used in high temperature furnace field for 20 years, structuring business model of American research center+specialist consulting +providing energy saving solutions. Up to now, we have one America research center, three internal consultant teams and one professional customer’s service center, providing triad service of energy-saving solutions consulting, products’ selling&storage and after-sales support for customers.

Company vision::

Creating international brand of refractory & insulation material industry, achieving Chinese national brand dream.

Company mission:
Devoted to providing completed energy-saving solutions in furnace. Making global furnace energy-saving easier.

Company value:
ustomer first; Keep struggling.

· 20 years’ ceramic fiber manufacturing history, Asia’s second largest ceramic fiber manufacturer, creating classic quality of ceramic fiber.

· 20 years’ focusing on ceramic fiber research and development, continuously break through technical limitations in the ceramic fiber field. Independently developed inside double needle technology for ceramic fiber blanket and 2-hour deep drying system for ceramic fiber board, all in the leading position in the industry.

· 20 years’ exporting experience. CCEWOOL ceramic fiber has been focusing on international market and has gained trust and recognition of customers from more than 40 countries, making CCEWOOL ceramic fiber China’s top export brand.

· 20 years’ development. We have established the business mode of [Research center+Expert consultant support+Supplying ceramic fiber energy saving solutions for furnaces], and have won world famous companies like ExonMobil, RATH, CALDERYS, VESUVIUS to choose CCEWOOL ceramic fiber.

· 20 years’ focusing on research of ceramic fiber energy-saving solutions for industrial furnaces, having provided ceramic fiber thermal insulation and energy-saving solution for kilns in steel, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industrial fields, participated in the transformation of more than 300 large-scale industrial kilns around the world from heavy kilns to environmentally friendly, light and energy-saving fiber kilns, making CCEWOOL the leading brand in ceramic fiber industrial kiln energy saving insulation solutions.

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Founded in 1999, we are an early brand specializing in the production of ceramic fiber products.
In 2000, the company expanded. The production line of ceramic fiber blanket increased to six and ceramic fiber module workshop was established.
In 2003, brand - CCEWOOL was registered, and CCEWOOL® ceramic fiber series products were launched.
In 2004, promoting company's image. We launched a systematic CI to highlight the brand effect of CCEWOOL.
In 2005, upgrading. Through continuously absorption of foreign advanced production technology, ceramic fiber production line was upgraded again. In the same year, introduced ceramic fiber board automatic production line, the high-density ceramic fiber board, ultra thin ceramic fiber board and other products filled in gaps of domestic market, at present, the technology is still in the leading position of international market.
In 2006, quality improving. Passed the "China Quality Certification Center" audit, obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, the products are in strictly accordance with ISO19000 quality system certification. Production lines of Ceramic fiber blanket were expanded to 20, Products fully covered ceramic fiber blanket, board, paper, module, textiles, and vacuum formed shapes products.
In 2007, Brand extension. Cooperated with domestic company which has sixty years experience in the production of refractory bricks and insulation brick manufacturer who is the drafting and makers of fire-resistant insulation industry standard, jointly launched CCEFIRE® insulation bricks and CCEFIRE® fire brick products. Extending of product category provided a convenient and secure procurement model for more furnace customers.
In 2008, brand improving. Customer’s recognition promoted the popularity of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products and contributed to the cooperation between DOUBLE EGRET and the Australian Government to complete a large government procurement. Thus, it laid the position of CCEWOOL as top export brand.
In 2009, moved towards international market. The company began to participate international industry exhibitions in Germany, Poland, the United States, Italy. In 2009, DOUBLE EGRET attended CERAMITEC in Munich, CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products' popularity was expanded again. CCEWOOL went into the markets of Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Peru and other countries and regions.
In 2010, DOUBLE EGRET attended many international exhibitions like METEC in Dusseldorf, Germany, CERAMITEC in Munich, Germany, ANKIROS in Istanbul, Turkey, METAL EXPO in Russia, AISTECH in America, INDO METAL in Indonesia, FOUNDRY METAL in Poland, TECNARGILLA in Italy in succession. CCEWOOL products had been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
In 2011, moved to the new site. Factory area covered 70,000 square meters.
In 2012, expanded the team of international group and technical group, composing professional technical team of senior furnace design and construction and furnace energy saving products, providing furnace insulation ceramic fiber energy saving solutions, establishing specialist consulting to provide more professional furnace energy saving solutions for customers.
In 2013, Global services. More than 300 furnace construction and manufacturers used "CCEWOOL" series products, CCEWOOL became a effective brand with higher popularity and reputation in the international market. And obtained CE certificate, CE NO.: EC.1282.0P140416.2FRQX35.
In 2014, global overseas warehouse started. In 2014, DOUBLE EGRET established overseas warehouse in the United States in order to achieve shorter delivery time for customers and provide more convenient experience. In the same year, Canada, Australia overseas warehouse was put into use.
In 2015,  Brand integrating& upgrading. CCEWOOL brand was upgraded from single ceramic fiber category  to the multi category covering full range of refractory and insulation materials used in furnace, achieved the brand globalization. Factory area covers 80,000 square meters.
In 2016, American research center is initiating, Canadian brand office is established. Structuring business model of American research center+specialist consulting +providing energy saving solutions to make CCEWOOL ceramic fiber an industry leader in furnace insulation energy saving solutions.
2019 marks the 20th year of Zibo Double Egrets Thermal Insulation Co., Ltd in the production and sales of ceramic fiber. Twenty years' ceramic fiber production and R&D makes CCEWOOL ceramic fiber’s quality meet international standards. Our Canadian branch company has operated for 3 years. We are familiar with the needs of North American customers and the demands of the North American market. It will be convenient for North American customers to inspect and test products on site and shorten the delivery time to provide customers with a more convenient experience!

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