1000℃ Calcium Silicate Board


Temperature degree: 1000

CCEWOOL® 1000calcium silicate board is a new type white and hard insulation material, characterized with lightweight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, cutting. The refractoriness is 1000, can be widely used in power plant, refining, petrochemical, building, vessel filed. The general thickness is between 25mm to 120mm, density ranges from 250kg/m3 to 300kg/m3.

Stable Product Quality

Strict control of raw materials

Control impurity content, ensure low thermal shrinkage, and improve heat resistance


Calcareous materials: slaked lime powder, cement, calcium carbide mud, etc.


Reinforcing fiber: wood paper fiber, wollastonite, cotton fiber, etc.


Main ingredients and formula: silicon powder + calcium powder + natural log pulp fiber.


Production methods include a molding method, a wet-process method, and a flow method. The common method is generally the extrusion method. After the raw materials are fully stirred and matured based on the designed ratio, they are extruded and shaped by a roller machine and shaped at a high temperature.

Production process control

Reduce the content of slag balls, ensure low thermal conductivity, and improve thermal insulation performance


1. Accurate sizes, polished on both sides and cut on all sides, convenient for customers to install and use, and the construction is safe and convenient.


2. Calcium silicate boards of various thicknesses available with the thickness ranging from 25 to 100mm.


3. Safe operational temperature up to 1000, 700℃ higher than ultra-fine glass wool products, and 550℃ higher than expanded perlite products.


4. Low thermal conductivity (γ≤0.56w/m.k), much lower than other hard insulation materials and composite silicate insulation materials.


5. Small volume density; the lightest among the hard insulation materials; thinner insulation layers; much less rigid support required in construction and low installation labor intensity.


6. CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards are non-toxic, tasteless, unable to burn, and have high mechanical strengths.


7. CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards can be used repeatedly for a long time, and the service cycle can last several decades without sacrificing the technical indicators.


8. High strengths, no deformation within the operational temperature range, no asbestos, good durability, water and humidity proof, and can be used for heat preservation and insulation of various high-temp insulation parts.


9. White appearance, beautiful and smooth, good flexural and compressive strengths, and low loss during transportation and use.

Quality control

Ensure bulk density and improve thermal insulation performance


1. Each shipment has a dedicated quality inspector, and a test report is provided prior to the departure of products from the factory to ensure the export quality of each shipment of CCEWOOL.


2. A third-party inspection (such as SGS, BV, etc.) is accepted.


3. Production is strictly in accordance with ISO9000 quality management system certification.


4. The outer packaging of each carton is made of five layers of kraft paper, and the inner packaging is a plastic bag, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Outstanding Characteristics


Fire prevention
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards are a non-combustible A1 grade material, so in the event of a fire, boards will not burn or produce toxic smoke.


Waterproof performance
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards have good waterproof performance. It can still maintain stable performance in highly humid places without swelling or deformation.


high strengths
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards have high strengths; they are solid and reliable, hard to be damaged and broken.


Dimensionally stable
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards are produced with advanced formula and under strict quality control. The wet expansion and dry shrinkage of the boards are controlled within the ideal range.


Heat and sound insulation
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards have good heat and sound insulation effects.


Long service life
CCEWOOL calcium silicate boards are stable, resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion, free from damage by moisture or insects, and can guarantee a long service life.

Help you learn more applications

  • Metallurgical Industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Ceramic & Glass industry

  • Industrial Fire Protection

  • Commercial Fire Protection

  • Aerospace

  • Vessels/Transportation

  • Czech customer

    CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Board
    Cooperation years: 12 years
    Product size: 12x560/660x1160mm

  • UK Customer

    Ceramic Fiber Module Insulation
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 300*300*250mm

  • Australian Customer

    CCEWOOL AES fiber blanket
    Cooperation years: 8 years
    Product size: 12/25*610*7200mm

  • Singapore customer

    CCEWOOL refractory insulation blanket
    Cooperation years: 6 years
    Product size: 10*1100*15000mm

  • Ukrainian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fire blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 50*610*3660mm/ 25*610*7320mm/ 12.5*610*14640mm

  • Ecuadorian customer

    CCEWOOL temperature insulation ceramic fiber blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm

  • South African Customer

    CCEFIRE Insulating Fire Brick
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 76*114*228mm

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL aluminum silicate fiber blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7620mm/ 50*610*3810mm


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting