Petrochemical Industry

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products greatly reduce energy consumption and save a lot of costs for our partners in the petrochemical industry because of their outstanding thermal insulation. CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products own classic series, PUREWOOL series, and R&D series, and they provide proven and effective thermal management, filtration, and fire protection solutions in order to reduce energy consumption and costs for key applications in the chemical/refining industries. CCEWOOL ceramic fiber offers high-efficiency energy-saving solution designs of thermal insulation for furnaces and pipelines in the petrochemical industry for the purpose of lowering their energy consumption and costs.

Common applications:
Insulation layer on furnace top
Catalyst recovery
Tube seals
Hot gas pipelines
Body of burning furnaces
Furnace cover
Regenerative incinerator
Fire prevention
Insulation materials
Filtration of high-temp gases

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