Refractory Mortar


CCEFIRE® Refractory mortar is a high temperature, air-setting mortar used as an adhesive to securely bind refractory material, which can be used into binding refractory brick, insulating brick and ceramic fibers. There are two types: dry powder mortar, which is mix the powder and addictive and pack them with plastic woven bags. After soaked and stirred evenly, it can be put into use; other type is liquid status, which can be directly used without other process.

Stable Product Quality

Strict control of raw materials

Control impurity content, ensure low thermal shrinkage, and improve heat resistance


CCEFIRE refractory cement is mainly made of high-quality refractory powder, high-strength and temperature-resistant chemical binders and additives, suitable for furnace masonry requiring small ash joints, good sealing, and high bonding strength.

Production process control

Reduce the content of slag balls, ensure low thermal conductivity, and improve thermal insulation performance


⒈ Excellent performance, ideal plasticity, and water retention


⒉ Very small shrinkage during drying and baking


⒊ High refractoriness


⒋ High bonding strength


⒌Good resistance to chemical corrosion


⒍ Stable chemical properties

Quality control

Ensure bulk density and improve thermal insulation performance


1. Each shipment has a dedicated quality inspector, and a test report is provided prior to the departure of products from the factory to ensure the export quality of each shipment of CCEFIRE.


2. A third-party inspection (such as SGS, BV, etc.) is accepted.


3. Production is strictly in accordance with ASTM quality management system certification.


4. The outer packaging of each carton is made of five layers of kraft paper, and outer packaging + pallet,, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Outstanding Characteristics


⒈ CCEFIRE refractory cement is used for masonry insulation bricks, special heavy bricks, and high aluminum heavy bricks.


⒉ CCEFIRE refractory cement is used to prevent the intrusion of air and hot air into the masonry.


⒊ CCEFIRE refractory cement is used to prevent the erosion of brick joints by molten slag and molten metals.

Help you learn more applications

  • Metallurgical Industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Ceramic & Glass industry

  • Industrial Fire Protection

  • Commercial Fire Protection

  • Aerospace

  • Vessels/Transportation

  • Ecuadorian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fire blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm/ 50*610*3600mm

  • Polish customer

    CCEWOOL Low Biopersistent Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm/ 50*610*3660mm/ 38*610*4800mm

  • Indian customer

    CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic insulation blanket
    Cooperation years: 8 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm

  • Italian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fibre blanket 50mm
    Cooperation years: 4 year
    Product size: 50*1020*3660mm

  • UK customer

    CCEWOOL Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm

  • Dominican customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic thermal blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 year
    Product size: 25*610*7600mm

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL Insulation Ceramic Fiber Bulk
    Cooperation years: 5 year
    Product specifications: 20kg/bag

  • Irish customer

    CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket Roll
    Cooperation years: 1 year
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting