Steel Industry

We have been providing CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products for furnaces in the heat treatment and metal processing industries for over twenty years. In consideration of the various thermal and specific physical characteristics of steel applications, we are proud to offer the widest range of high-performance, high-temp insulation products, and high-efficiency energy-saving design solutions for furnaces and equipment in the steel industry in order to reduce energy consumption and save costs for our customers in this field.

Common applications:
Standpipe seals
Hot spot repair
Backing insulation
Iron tap and slag tap
Refractory backing for iron tap and slag tap
Torpedo tank (iron mixing car) cover
Pilot bar (for continuous casting) seals
Fire protection for cables
Ladle cover
Splash protection
Ladle backing insulation
Immersion nozzle
Extended nozzle
Expansion joints
Nozzle cover
Lining for molds
Lining for furnaces
Filtration of hot air
Welding spatter shields
Body of burning furnaces
Spatter shields
Heat shields
Insulation materials
Filtration of high-temp gases

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