Soluble Fiber Blanket


Temperature degree: 1200℃.

CCEWOOL® soluble fiber blanket is made from alkaline earth silicate fiber, which is developed from a calcium, magnesium, silicate chemistry to provide thermal insulation. Due to it can be soluble in bodys fluid, it is named of bio soluble fiber. This special fiber is made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium which give fiber the ability to support continuous temperatures up to 1200.

Stable Product Quality

Strict control of raw materials

Control impurity content, ensure low thermal shrinkage, and improve heat resistance


1. Own raw material base, automatic batching equipment, more accurate raw material ratio.


2. The incoming raw materials are tested first, and the qualified raw materials are kept in a designated raw material warehouse to ensure their purity.


3. Controlling the impurity content of raw materials is an important step to ensure the heat resistance of ceramic fibers. The high impurity content will cause the coarsening of crystal grains and the increase of linear shrinkage, which is an important factor attributing to the deterioration of fiber performance and the reduction of service life.


4. Through strict control at every step, we reduced the impurity content of raw materials to less than 1%. The thermal shrinkage rate of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets is lower than 1.5% at 1000 ℃, and they have stable quality and longer service life.

Production process control

Reduce the content of slag balls, ensure low thermal conductivity, and improve thermal insulation performance


1. CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets use SiO2, MgO, and CaO as the main components, which help expand the viscosity range of fiber formation, improve fiber formation conditions, and increase the fiber formation rate and fiber flexibility.


2. With an imported high-speed centrifuge of which the speed reaches up to 11000r/min, the fiber forming rate becomes higher. The thickness of CCEWOOL soluble fiber is uniform, and the content of slag ball is lower than 10%. The slag ball content is an important index that determines the thermal conductivity of fiber. The thermal conductivity of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets is lower than 0.2w/m.k in a high-temp environment of 800°C, so they have an excellent thermal insulation performance.


3. The condenser spreads cotton evenly to ensure the uniform density of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets.


4. The use of the self-innovated double-sided inner- needle-flower punching process and the daily replacement of the needle punching panel ensure the even distribution of the needle punch pattern, which allows the tensile strength of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets to exceed 70Kpa and the product quality to become more stable.

Quality control

Ensure bulk density and improve thermal insulation performance


Each shipment has a dedicated quality inspector, and a test report is provided prior to the departure of products from the factory to ensure the export quality of each shipment of CCEWOOL.


A third-party inspection (such as SGS, BV, etc.) is accepted.


Production is strictly in accordance with ISO9000 quality management system certification.


Products are weighed before packaging to ensure that the actual weight of a single roll is greater than the theoretical weight.


The outer packaging of each carton is made of five layers of kraft paper, and the inner packaging is a plastic bag, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Outstanding Characteristics


Low volume weight

As a kind of furnace lining material, CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets can realize the light weight and high efficiency of the heating furnace, greatly reducing the load of the steel- structured furnaces and extending the service life of the furnace body.


Low heat capacity

The heat capacity of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets is only 1/9 of that of light heat-resistant linings and light clay ceramic bricks, which greatly reduces energy consumption during furnace temperature control. Especially for intermittently operated heating furnaces, the energy saving effects are significant.


Low thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets is lower than 0.28w/m.k in a high-temp environment of 1000°C, leading to the remarkable thermal insulation effects.


Thermochemical stability

CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets do not generate structural stress even if the temperature changes sharply. They do not peel off under the conditions of rapid cold and hot, and they can resist bending, twisting, and mechanical vibration. Therefore, in theory, they are not subject to any sudden temperature changes.


Resistance to mechanical vibration

As a sealing and cushion material for high-temp gases, CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets are elastic (compression recovery) and resistant to air permeability.


Anti-air erosion performance

The resistance of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blanket lining to high-speed airflow decreases with the increase of operating temperatures, and it is widely used in the insulation of industrial furnace equipment, such as fuel furnaces and chimneys.


High thermal sensitivity

The high thermal sensitivity of CCEWOOL soluble fiber blanket lining makes it more suitable for the automatic control of industrial furnaces.


Sound insulation performance

CCEWOOL soluble fiber blankets are widely used in thermal insulation and sound insulation of construction industries and industrial furnaces with high noise to improve the quality of working and living environments.

Help you learn more applications

  • Metallurgical Industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Ceramic & Glass industry

  • Industrial Fire Protection

  • Commercial Fire Protection

  • Aerospace

  • Vessels/Transportation

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL aluminum silicate fiber blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7620mm/ 50*610*3810mm

  • Ecuadorian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fire blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm/ 50*610*3600mm

  • Polish customer

    CCEWOOL Low Biopersistent Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm/ 50*610*3660mm/ 38*610*4800mm

  • Indian customer

    CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic insulation blanket
    Cooperation years: 8 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm

  • Italian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fibre blanket 50mm
    Cooperation years: 4 year
    Product size: 50*1020*3660mm

  • UK customer

    CCEWOOL Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm

  • Dominican customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic thermal blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 year
    Product size: 25*610*7600mm

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL Insulation Ceramic Fiber Bulk
    Cooperation years: 5 year
    Product specifications: 20kg/bag


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Technical Consulting