Metallurgical Industry

The metallurgical industries can be divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical industries. Ferrous metallurgy mainly refers to the production of pig iron, steel, and ferroalloys (e.g. ferrochrome, ferromanganese, etc.), while non-ferrous metallurgical industry produces all the other kinds of metal. In addition, metallurgy can be divided into rare metal and powder metallurgy industries.
CCEWOOL ceramic fiber provides high-efficiency energy-saving designs for the heat insulation of furnaces in the metallurgical industry to reduce energy consumption, which has saved a lot of costs for our customers in this industry.

Common Applications:
Insulation layer on furnace top
Lining for furnace walls
Inlet and outlet on furnace walls
Lining for flue mouth and overhaul door
Insulation for burner area
Insulation for furnace bottom
Regenerator walls
Temperature measurement hole of regenerator and furnace body
Suction measuring pipe of regenerator and furnace body
Expansion joints on regenerator walls
Hot air pipe insulation
Exhaust flue insulation
Furnace cover, furnace walls
Outlet gate

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