Ceramic Chopped Fiber


Temperature degree: 1050℃ 1922℉1260℃ 2300℉)1400℃ (2550℉) 1430℃(2600℉)

CCEWOOL® Research Series Ceramic Chopped Fiber is made by crushing CCEWOOL® ceramic fiber bulk through a ball mill. We can produce chopped fiber bulk of different particle size as per customers’ requirement. Chopped fiber bulk is raw material for producing ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber paper.  CCEWOOL® ceramic chopped fiber is widely used as thermal insulation materials in industrial kilns, boilers, pipes, chimneys, etc, and its thermal insulation effect is remarkable.

Stable Product Quality

Strict control of raw materials

Control impurity content, ensure low thermal shrinkage, and improve heat resistance


1. Own raw material base; professional mining equipment; and stricter selection of raw materials.


2. The selected raw materials are placed into a rotary kiln to be fully calcined on site, which reduces the content of impurities and improves the purity.


3. The incoming raw materials are tested first, and then the qualified raw materials are stored in a designated warehouse to ensure their purity.


4. Controlling the content of impurities is an important step to ensure the heat resistance of ceramic fibers. High impurity content can cause the coarsening of crystal grains and the increase of linear shrinkage, which is the key reason for the deterioration of fiber performance and the reduction of its service life.


5. Through strict control at every step, we reduced the impurity content of raw materials to less than 1%. The CCEWOOL Ceramic Bulk Fiber is pure white, and its heat shrinkage rate is lower than 2% at high temperatures. It has stable quality and a longer service life.

Production process control

Reduce the content of slag balls, ensure low thermal conductivity, and improve thermal insulation performance


1. The fully automated batching system fully guarantees the stability of the raw material composition and improves the accuracy of raw material ratio.


2. With an imported high-speed centrifuge of which the speed reaches up to 11000r/min, the fiber forming rate becomes higher. The thickness of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber is uniform, and the content of slag ball is lower than 10%. We can produce chopped fiber bulk of different particle size as per customers’ requirement.


3. The condenser spreads cotton evenly to ensure the uniform density of CCEWOOL ceramic bulk fiber.

Quality control

Ensure bulk density and improve thermal insulation performance


1. Each shipment has a dedicated quality inspector, and a test report is provided prior to the departure of products from the factory to ensure the export quality of each shipment of CCEWOOL.


2. A third-party inspection (such as SGS, BV, etc.) is accepted.


3. Production is strictly in accordance with ISO9000 quality management system certification.


4. Products are weighed before packaging to ensure that the actual weight of a single roll is greater than the theoretical weight.


5. The outer packaging of each carton is made of five layers of kraft paper, and the inner packaging is a plastic bag, suitable for long-distance transportation.



Raw material for vacuum-formed ceramic fiber shape


Raw material for ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber paper


Chimney insulation


Pizza oven insulation


Lining insulation of industrial kilns and boilers


Thermal insulation of steam engine, gas engine and other thermal equipment


Flexible insulation material for high temperature pipeline; high temperature insulation gasket; high temperature filtration


Thermal insulation of thermal reactor


Fire protection of various industrial equipment, heat insulation and fire protection of electrical components


Thermal insulation materials for incineration equipment


Thermal insulation of foundry mold and casting

Help you learn more applications

  • Metallurgical Industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Ceramic & Glass industry

  • Industrial Fire Protection

  • Commercial Fire Protection

  • Aerospace

  • Vessels/Transportation

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL aluminum silicate fiber blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7620mm/ 50*610*3810mm

  • Ecuadorian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fire blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm/ 50*610*3600mm

  • Polish customer

    CCEWOOL Low Biopersistent Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 5 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm/ 50*610*3660mm/ 38*610*4800mm

  • Indian customer

    CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic insulation blanket
    Cooperation years: 8 years
    Product size: 25*610*7200mm

  • Italian customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic fibre blanket 50mm
    Cooperation years: 4 year
    Product size: 50*1020*3660mm

  • UK customer

    CCEWOOL Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 years
    Product size: 25*610*7320mm

  • Dominican customer

    CCEWOOL ceramic thermal blanket
    Cooperation years: 7 year
    Product size: 25*610*7600mm

  • Peruvian customer

    CCEWOOL Insulation Ceramic Fiber Bulk
    Cooperation years: 5 year
    Product specifications: 20kg/bag


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting