How to choose refractory insulation material? 1

How to choose refractory insulation material? 1

The main performance of industrial kilns is mainly determined by the technical performance of refractory insulation material, which directly affects the furnace cost, working performance, thermal efficiency, operating energy consumption costs, etc. General principles for selecting refractory insulation materials:


1. The performance and thermal characteristics of the kiln. For example, materials with low heat capacity shall be selected for kilns with intermittent operation.
2. Safe working temperature, thermal conductivity, high temperature strength and chemical stability of materials.
3. Service life.
4. Material cost and operation maintenance cost.
Generally speaking, heavy refractory materials are better in terms of technical performance index, such as high temperature stability, chemical stability, etc; Light insulation materials are better in terms of comprehensive technical and economic indicators of input and operation.
Next issue we will continue to introduce how to select refractory insulation materials. Please stay tuned!

Post time: Nov-07-2022

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