How to choose refractory fiber products 2

How to choose refractory fiber products 2

The thermal insulation project is a meticulous work. In order to make every link meet the quality requirements in the construction process, we must strictly pay attention to precision construction and frequent inspection. According to my construction experience, I will talk about the relevant construction methods in the kiln wall and kiln roof insulation work for your reference.


1. Insulation brick masonry. The height, thickness and total length of the insulation wall must comply with the provisions of the design drawings. The masonry method is the same as that of clay refractory bricks, which are built with refractory mortar. The masonry shall ensure that the mortar is full and solid, and the mortar plumpness shall reach more than 95%. It is strictly prohibited to knock bricks with iron hammer during bricklaying. The rubber hammer shall be used to knock the surface of bricks gently to align them. It is strictly prohibited to cut bricks directly with a brick knife, and those that need to be processed shall be cut neatly with a cutting machine. In order to avoid direct contact between insulation bricks and open fire in the kiln, refractory bricks can be used around the observation hole, and the overlapping bricks of insulation wall, insulation wool and exterior wall should also be built with clay refractory bricks.
2. Laying of refractory fiber products. The order size of refractory fiber products should not only meet the design requirements, but also meet the actual needs of convenient installation. During installation, attention shall be paid to: the refractory fiber products must be closely contacted, and the joint gap shall be reduced as much as possible. At the joint of refractory fiber products, it is better to use high-temperature adhesive to make it tightly sealed to ensure its thermal insulation effect.
In addition, if the refractory fiber products need to be processed, it should be cut neatly with a knife, and direct tearing with hands is strictly prohibited.

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