Characteristics of insulating ceramic fiber bulk 2

Characteristics of insulating ceramic fiber bulk 2

Four major chemical properties of insulating ceramic fiber bulk


1. Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and good electrical insulation
2. Excellent elasticity and flexibility, easy to process and install
3. Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good heat insulation performance
4. Good thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, good sound insulation performance, mechanical strength
Application of insulating ceramic fiber bulk
Insulating ceramic fiber bulk is widely used in insulation of industrial kilns, linings and backings of boilers; insulation layers of steam engines and gas engines, flexible thermal insulation materials for high-temperature pipes; high-temperature gaskets, high-temperature filtration, thermal response; fire protection of various industrial equipment and electrical components; heat insulation materials for incineration equipment; raw materials for modules, folding blocks and veneer blocks; heat preservation and heat insulation of castings molds.

Post time: Sep-26-2021

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