Application of refractory ceramic fibers in heat treatment furnace 2

Application of refractory ceramic fibers in heat treatment furnace 2

When refractory ceramic fibers felt is used in the heat treatment furnace, in addition to lining the entire inner wall of the furnace with a layer of fiber felt, refractory ceramic fibers felt can also be used as a reflective screen, and Φ6~Φ8 mm electric heating wires are used to make two frame nets. Refractory ceramic fibers is clamped tight on the frame nets, and then fasten it with a thin electric heating wire. After the heat-treated workpiece is installed in the furnace, the entire reflective screen is placed at the door of the furnace. Due to the heat insulation effect of the refractory fiber, it is beneficial to further improve the energy-saving effect. However, the use of reflective screens makes the operation process complicated and easy to break the screen.


Refractory ceramic fibers felt is a soft material. It should be protected during use. It is easy to damage the fiber felt by artificial touch, hook, bump, and smash. Generally speaking, small damage to the refractory ceramic fibers felt during use has little effect on the energy saving effect. When the screen is seriously damaged, it can continue to be used as long as it is covered with a new layer of fiber felt.
Under normal circumstances, after the use of refractory ceramic fibers in the heat treatment furnace, the heat loss of furnace can be reduced by 25%, the energy saving effect is significant, the productivity is improved, the furnace temperature is uniform, the heat treatment of the workpiece is guaranteed, and the heat treatment quality is improved. At the same time, the use of refractory ceramic fibers can reduce the thickness of the furnace lining by half and greatly reduce the furnace weight, which is beneficial to the development of miniaturized heat treatment furnaces.

Post time: Nov-08-2021

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