Application of insulation ceramic fiber in industrial furnace

Application of insulation ceramic fiber in industrial furnace

Due to the characteristics of the insulation ceramic fiber, it is used to transform the industrial furnace, so that the heat storage of the furnace itself and the heat loss through the furnace body are greatly reduced. Thereby, the utilization rate of heat energy of the furnace is greatly improved. It also improves the heating capacity and production efficiency of the furnace. In turn, the heating time of furnace is shortened, the oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece are reduced, and the heating quality is improved. After the insulation ceramic fiber lining is applied to the gas-fired heat treatment furnace, the energy-saving effect reaches 30-50%, and the production efficiency is increased by 18-35%.


Due to the use of insulation ceramic fiber as the furnace lining, the heat dissipation of the furnace wall to the outside world is significantly reduced. The average temperature of the furnace external wall surface is reduced from 115°C to about 50°C. The combustion and radiation heat transfer inside the furnace are strengthened, and the heating rate is accelerated, thereby the thermal efficiency of furnace is improved, furnace energy consumption is reduced and furnace productivity is improved. Furthermore, under the same production conditions and thermal conditions, the furnace wall can be made very thin, thereby reducing the weight of the furnace, which be convenient for repair and maintenance.

Post time: Sep-13-2021

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