Application of ceramic fibre products in resistance furnace

Application of ceramic fibre products in resistance furnace

     Ceramic fibre products have characteristics of good high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, low thermal conductivity, etc. Using ceramic fibre products in resistance furnace can shorten furnace heating time, lower external furnace wall temperature and save energy consumption.


     Selection of furnace lining material
The main function of the furnace lining made of ceramic fibre products is thermal insulation. In terms of selection, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements such as operating temperature, working life, furnace construction cost, energy consumption,etc. Neither refractory materials nor thermal insulation materials should be used for long-term over-temperature use.
It is not difficult to see that how to rationally utilize and save energy is one of the main problems that urgently needs to solve at present. It is easier to adopt energy-saving measures than to develop new energy sources, and thermal insulation technology is one of the most easily realized and widely used energy-saving technologies. It can be seen that ceramic fibre products are being valued by people for their unique properties. And its future development prospects are also quite impressive.

Post time: Jun-06-2022

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